17 Oct 2023

Day 3 Of Future Blockchain Summit – Preparing For A Global Crypto Resurgence

Day 3 Of Future Blockchain Summit – Preparing For A Global Crypto Resurgence

Dubai – United Arab Emirates – 17 October 2023: Day three of Future Blockchain Summit 2023, the premier blockchain exhibition, took place at the iconic Dubai Harbour today, uniting the global blockchain and crypto ecosystem to explore the power of decentralised technologies.

Welcoming the world’s leading crypto, blockchain and Web3 experts, Crypto Trading and Digital Assets was the daily theme for the series of sessions that took place on the Exchange Stage. During a panel, ‘Preparing for a Global Crypto Resurgence’, Gabe Feinberg, Head of Legal at Sui Foundation, said: “More and more clear cut regulations and guidelines of how to operate a company in the web3 space are going to continue to engage in regulatory arbitrage, where they are basically pulling market share and top talent into places like [Dubai]. It just gives us service to both developers, investors and everyone involved in the ecosystem. Kudos to Dubai for leading the charge in that and hopefully other countries out there catch up soon.”

Anil Sethi, CEO of Creed&Bear, also part of the panel, said:  “We are a data driven tech company. We strongly believe in data and the power of data. One of the verticals we are launching now is a hedge fund for trading digital assets. What I've seen since I joined Creed & Bear around a year and a half ago is the power and the insights that you have if you analyse data and apply the tools that we have, such as AI, and different analytics. That gives us a major hedge on other competitors.” He also said, “I think roughly 1.5 billion people don't have access to banking or financial instruments today. This could be an option to be a bit more inclusive and bring people to capital growth.”

Also talking of Dubai as a market leader, Dr Marwan Al Zarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center, hosted a fireside chat with Richard Teng, Head of Regional Markets at Binance. Richard said, “What the Government of Dubai has done is such a vibrant ecosystem. The clarity of rules, the clarity of the framework has attracted many. I was walking around the booths talking to many different players. And, I see many first timers in these sessions, and they are saying that the atmosphere is so great. They felt so welcome. They are looking to really develop and explore what else we can do in Dubai.”