2019 Speakers

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2019 Speakers

  • Aanchal Anand

    Aanchal Anand

    Land Administration Specialist in the Global Land and Geospatial Unit, World Bank
    Disrupting Blockchain land use applications for government and private sector.
  • Aaron Cai

    Aaron Cai

    Blockchain General Manager, Tencent
    Chinese tech giant stepping up its b2b footprint and empowering underserved SME’s through WeChain, a blockchain-powered supply chain finance service platform sitting on Wechat.
  • Abdel Mageed Yahia

    Abdel Mageed Yahia

    Director UAE and Representative for the GCC Region., World Food Programme
    Pioneered a blockchain application using an IRIS scan to reduce world hunger
  • Abdulaziz Alfalahi

    Abdulaziz Alfalahi

    Chief Executive Officer - Corporate Technology Support Services, RTA
  • Abraham Cambridge

    Abraham Cambridge

    Founder & CEO, Sun Exchange
    Power of the sun - launched first cryptocurrency-based solar energy finance company for renewable energy.
  • Ad Kroft

    Ad Kroft

    Program Manager, Dutch Blockchain Coalition
    Applying blockchain technology through collective initiatives, cooperation and knowledge sharing in the Netherlands.
  • Adam Lalani

    Adam Lalani

    Group Head of IT, Tristar Group
    Led the implementation of the GCC’s first production supply chain Blockchain platform, from a one page piece of paper to production in 9 months.
  • Ahmad Nassar

    Ahmad Nassar

    President,, NFL Players Inc
    Creating a brand new type of entertainment that allows anyone to be sports announcer and brings fans closer to the action via a tokenized platform providing behind the scenes access into players lives.
  • Aibek Amandanov

    Aibek Amandanov

    Head of Global Marketing, Human Plus Inc
  • Ain Aaviksoo

    Ain Aaviksoo

    Former Deputy Secretary General for E-Services Innovation, Ministry of Social Affairs
    Former Undersecretary for Estonian eServices & Innovation pioneering nationwide deployment of blockchain to secure the integrity of health records and access to them.
  • Alex Yakovlev

    Alex Yakovlev

    Head of Blockchain, National Settlement Depository
    Evangelist for Blockchain's Blue Ocean opportunity in Russian Fintec is winning investor confidence
  • Ali Khawaja

    Ali Khawaja

    Department Of Management, School Of Business Administration, American University of Sharjah
    Founding member of the Dubai Blockchain Center actively involved in the promotion, education, and advisory of Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Aman Ladia

    Aman Ladia

    Founder & CEO, Liquid Protocol
    16 year old blockchain entreprenuer who serves as the FinTech expert on the board of advisors at The Partnerships Consulting and has founded his own Blockchain start-up named Liquid Protocol.
  • Amir Qureshi

    Amir Qureshi

    Achieved a hospitality-sector first, with the roll out of a blockchain-based payment system for guests in iconic Atlantis Hotel
  • Amna Al Redha

    Amna Al Redha

    Accelerator Manager, Innovation Division, Emirates Airline
    Ensuring Emirates Airline is that the forefront of innovation by integrating start-ups into the corporate ecosystem
  • Amy McGann

    Amy McGann

    Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Department of State
    Driving international social impact through Blockchain.
  • André Godinho

    André Godinho

    Managing Partner, Infinite Foundry
  • Andrew Shipilov
  • Andrius Adamonis

    Andrius Adamonis

    Blockchain Project Manager, Bank of Lithuania
    Did Satoshi Nakamoto travel in time, ask leader of Blockchain sandbox project.
  • Angela Osei Mensah

    Angela Osei Mensah

    Officer in Charge, Land and Forestry Commission, Ghana
  • Antonis Polemitis

    Antonis Polemitis

    CEO, University of Nicosia
    Founded the first university cryptocurrency course in the world.
  • Balaji Iyer

    Balaji Iyer

    Solutions Strategist, Data Center Group Marketing, Intel Corporation
  • Benjamin Dubois

    Benjamin Dubois

    Digital Transformation Manager, Nestle
    Accelerating the digital transformation of the world’s largest f&b company.
  • Brent Wilton

    Brent Wilton

    Global Head of Workplace Rights, Coca-Cola
    Top 100 Human Trafficking & Slavery Influence Leaders using blockchain to advocate Human Rights platform
  • Chae Ho Shin

    Chae Ho Shin

    Managing Partner, Blockwater Capital
  • Chris Ballinger

    Chris Ballinger

    CEO and Founder, MOBI - the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative
    Making Blockchain safer, greener, and more accessible through consortium of stakeholders
  • Chris Kiew-Smith

    Chris Kiew-Smith

    Head of Fintech Strategy, Financial Services Regulatory Authority
    Bridging gaps between fin-technology and fin-regulation
  • Chrissa McFarlane

    Chrissa McFarlane

    Founder, Patientory - USA
    Applauded as one of top women 'leaving their mark on the MedTech field in health IT,' she raised $7.2MM in three days with a crowdfunding token sale, currently connecting healthcare and Blockchain in a revolutionary time-saving way.
  • Christian Lundén

    Christian Lundén

    Director of Future Business, Nordic Choice Hotels
    Launched the world’s first hotel room inventory on Blockchain
  • Dale Chrystie

    Dale Chrystie

    Blockchain Strategist, FedEx
    Elected as first ever chair of Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) Standards Council (BiTAS), he applies Blockchain technology in strategy, business applications, and company aligninment.
  • Daniel Beduschi

    Daniel Beduschi

    Co-Founder, AWS Mining
  • Daniel Nigrin

    Daniel Nigrin

    CIO, Boston Children's Hospital
    One of Computerworld Magazine’s top 100 Premier IT Leaders.
  • Daniel Sieberg

    Daniel Sieberg

    Former Google Spokesperson, Emmy Nominated CBS News, , CNN and ABC News Journalist and Blockchain/AI Entrepreneur
    Former Google Spokesperson, Emmy Nominated CBS News, CNN and ABC News Journalist and Blockchain/AI Entrepreneur
  • Darren Teh

    Darren Teh

  • David Ferrer

    David Ferrer

    Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Digital Society, Catalan Ministry of the Presidency
  • David Graham

    David Graham

    CIO, City of Carlsbad, San Diego
    San Diego’s first-ever CIO and a trailblazer in delivering smart city applications from the Public Records Act Web Portal and digital traffic enhancing systems.
  • David Martin

    David Martin

    Managing Director and Co-Founder, Power Ledger
    Co-founded a company endorsed by Sir Richard Branson, and created a community of over 150,000 blockchain-enabled renewable energy trading advocates.
  • Dia Haykal

    Dia Haykal

    Editor-In-Chief, MIT Technology Review Arabia
    Contributing to the growth and development of the Arab World through producing credible, high quality content in technology, science, and the future.
  • Dimitris Argirakis

    Dimitris Argirakis

    Director, Airport Hotel Basel
    Changing the distribution eco system in the hotel industry with the use of blockchain.
  • Dj Qian

    Dj Qian

    Founder and CEO, Fusion
  • Dora Matheidesz

    Dora Matheidesz

    Senior Innovation Manager, HSBC
    Leads Innovation & Propositions for the Global Trade & Receivables Finance business at HSBC and is the HSBC representative on the Digital Trade Chain Project, which is a blockchain based trade platform being developed to support SME trade by a consortium of seven European banks.
  • Doryan Ahn

    Doryan Ahn

    CEO - Asia Partner, Inblock
  • Dr Abdalla Kablan

    Dr Abdalla Kablan

    Blockchain Advisor, Malta Government
    A Top 40 European Young Leader (2019) drafted the world’s first blockchain regulatory framework
  • Dr Abdullah Albeyatti

    Dr Abdullah Albeyatti

    Board Member IGB, NHS Digital, CEO and Co-Founder of Medicalchain, MedicalChain
    Developed the world's first telemedicine application built using blockchain
  • Dr Christian de Vartavan

    Dr Christian de Vartavan

    Blockchain Expert, All Parties Parliamentary Groups, Advisor & Global Ambassador, PUBLIQ
    Co-creator of PUBLIQ, the first blockchain distributed media platform instantly remunerating creators such as journalists, scholars or educators and securing their IP rights
  • Dr Marwan Ibrahim Alzarouni

    Dr Marwan Ibrahim Alzarouni

    CEO, Dubai Blockchain Center and OTC Supply DMCC
  • Dr Robert Learney

    Dr Robert Learney

    Lead Technologist, Blockchain & DLT, Digital Catapult
    Co-founded the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering.
  • Dr Roman Beck

    Dr Roman Beck

    Head of European Blockchain Center, IT University Copenhagen
  • Dr. Emmanuel Fombu

    Dr. Emmanuel Fombu

    Global Commercial Strategy and Digital Innovation, Johnson & Johnson
    Healthcare futurist turned Silicon Valley entrepreneur and winner of the ‘2017 Boldest Digital Health Influencer’ award from New York City Health Business Leaders.
  • Dr. John O'Shea

    Dr. John O'Shea

    Global Blockchain, AI, IoT Solution Leader, Lenovo

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