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Project Quantum – GITEX Press Release

Meet the AAA Crypto game-changer, Project Quantum. Project Quantum is a trailblazing blue-ocean product that will connect mainstream gamers with crypto in an unprecedented way.

"AAA crypto games are an entirely new market, and we've got first mover's advantage. The truth is, we're still years out from release. Project Quantum is not yet a household name. But each passing development generates more and more excitement, and that's
reflected in our charts."

The momentum of this project has moved quicker than we even anticipated. We're already up 500% since the start of August. All it takes is to share the concept with gamers, and they're hooked. We have a humbling level of community support. That's how we know we're onto something.

After an emergency space voyage goes terribly wrong, the surviving travelers fight each other for better equipment, hunt monsters, mine for resources, and search for ancient tech to endure on a deadly alien planet.

It's a high-stakes MMOFPS built around acquiring loot where players fight for a realworld currency in the form of QBIT. Players can buy NFT gear from each other which they have either found, created, or won in-game.

Many current games already have an in-game currency. Fortnite's V-bucks have generated more than $1.2 billion in revenue in their debut year. We iterate on this model to provide funds to players, build massive tournament-prize pools, acquire top talent,
and fund impactful marketing campaigns.

We have talent from award-winning artists and game developers. People who have worked on titles like Call of Duty, Uncharted, Halo: Master Chief Collection, and The Last of Us. They're building on Unreal Engine 5, where they can put their talents to good use towards a next-generation experience. Best of all, we have a growing community of
excited supporters whose ideas help us innovate even further.

Those who invest now are getting in during the first quarter of a multi-year project. It's safe to say that all engines are ready for take-off.

If you'd like to learn more about this project, check out our Discord at: and our website at:


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