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Wakatta Announces Participation in the Future Blockchain Summit

Wakatta, the NFT-focused blockchain developed by Sensorium, is participating in the Future Blockchain Summit 2021, a large-scale blockchain exhibition and conference connecting blockchain and startup tech leaders from around the globe. 

This blockchain built for the entertainment industry pioneers new innovative types of NFTs: upgradable, time-limited and non-hashed. From securing digital identities to facilitating creative collaborations, these tools unlock new possibilities for a wide variety of businesses, including gaming, sports, fashion, art, and luxury companies.

Upgradable NFTs enable users to enhance NFT-backed objects and “own” these changes. In visual art, music, fashion, for instance, thiy allow creators legitimately use other artworks as the basis for their own new pieces. Non-hashed NFTs make it easy for issuers to save text details right on the smart contract without the need to write a single line of code. Time-limited NFTs serve as a gamification tool that can positively impact user engagement. For example, event organizers could tokenize tickets and enhance them with advanced access and expiry settings, permit attendees to exchange them in the secondary market freely, or keep them as collectibles featuring certain rarity levels. 

Wakatta is developed by Sensorium DLT, a division of the company behind the most-anticipated digital metaverse Sensorium Galaxy built in partnership with entertainment powerhouses such as Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Yann Pissenem’s The Night League. The exclusive performances unveiled in the Galaxy are being built in collaboration with chart-topping artists - David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Eric Prydz, among others. 

Sensorium Galaxy will be the first company to integrate the Wakatta blockchain to ensure convenience and scalability for metaverse users as they pay for in-platform transactions with Sensorium’s native SENSO token, mint virtual beings as NFTs and monetize their AI-creations through a transparent marketplace.

Another entertainment player to benefit from Wakatta’s advanced NFT solutions is Roborace – a company behind the world’s first competition of full-size AI-racing robots in a mixed reality. Wakatta will provide Roborace with NFT-infrastructure to tokenize cars’ skins, racing track features, teams and tickets among other assets. 

The Future Blockchain Summit’ attendees will be able to connect with Wakatta’s product team and be among the first to learn about the new blockchain and its vast potential to drive innovation in the entertainment industry and beyond. 

Wakatta’s Incentivized Testnet launch is scheduled for November 2021.


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