ADI Association brings companies and organizations together to advance and scale easy-to-use, privacy-preserving accountable digital identity. ADI’s global membership defines and develops the ADIA Specification with the goal of solving today’s identity problems. With the governance implemented by the ADI Association, participant identities are assured and unique.

The ADI Association is committed to developing an inclusive, interoperable ecosystem for digital identity that empowers people by giving them control of their digital identity data in a privacy-preserving, distributed, secure, and verifiable way.

The ADI Association (the “Association”) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation and promotion of a new and better worldwide system for creating, managing, and using digital identity and sharing personal information. The Association will achieve this through creating a global coalition of public and private organizations for the purpose of advancing a new interoperable specification for digital identity through implementation of the ADIA specification.

The ADIA Specification is built on privacy-by-design principles while providing strong authentication, secure data sharing, and a range of identity services, including the capacity for consent-based participant accountability. The ADIA Specification will be easy to incorporate into existing identity management systems, incorporate KYC and FIDO processes, be interoperable with other decentralized identity systems, and, above all, be easy to adopt and use by participants, including those without access to data-enabled devices.

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