BlockBASIC Asia Forum

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Asia Forum at Future Blockchain Summit

For the first time, the Future Blockchain Summit will host the Asia Forum. Dedicated to showcasing Asia’s Blockchain journey, answering why Asia is poised to become a hotbed for blockchain innovation, why they see blockchain as a game-changer and why Asia looks to play a major role in increasing blockchain usability. 
Organized by Camelot International Conferences Organzing LLC, in partnerships with Smart Dubai, DWTC and its Asian partners.  The forum will act as a co-platform to bring together the wise, the driven and the forward-thinking, paired with critical stakeholders, regulatory authorities, key expert mentors and speakers from all across the globe, to share their views about Asia and to explore the opportunities of investment and partnering Asian Blockchain companies and investors.  

Camelot Asia Forum supports the growth of Blockchain technologies  by connecting ideas and people, involving entrepreneurial ventures in catalysing the pace of innovations in AI, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics. Camelot Asia Forum, through its worldwide forums,  is committed to the development and  undeniable existence that could spark the Fourth Industrial Revolution built on Blockchain and advanced technologies. 

Inaugural Session

  • Session - Blockchain Environment and Regulations on Crypto Asset Exchanges
  • Session - Blockchain Technology Breakthroughs in Asia
  • Session - STOs, the next big Asian Trend?
  • Round Table Discussion Panel : Blockchain 3.0. What to expect in Asia?
  • Women In Blockchain : How Blockchain Can Empower Women

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