Global Leaders Exchange

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Global Leaders Exchange

The Global Leaders Exchange is the Summit's annual closed door round-table discussion for senior government and business officials focused on developing working frameworks which encourage implementation of the technology.

In 2018 the focus was 'Accelerating Blockchain' with key themes on education, interoperability, collaboration and how government can affect change.

In 2019 the Global Leaders Exchange returns to develop the concepts outlined in in the 2018 Whitepaper.

Future Blockchain Summit - Global Leaders Exchange - Round Table

Whitepaper Summary

There is little doubt that blockchain technology has the potential to change the nature of capitalism by bringing more trust, efficiency, transparency and accurate recording to everyday transactions.

But before this can happen, challenges must be overcome to allow proof of concept projects to progress to full implementation.

These challenges range from technical, to organisational, to regulatory – and are complex in nature.

Future Blockchain Summit - PWC Whitepaper - Global Leaders Exchange

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