Blockchain for Retail

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Blockchain for Retail

How Blockchain can transform the Retail sector

Market research suggests that blockchain could reach critical adoption by 2020 and attain general acceptance from consumers by 2025. Retailers therefore must pay attention.

Most of the Blockchain-based retail pilots so far have focused on Product provenance. End-to-end transparency in the source of origin for ingredients, allowing consumers to track products from farm to table. But the potential of Blockchain is enormous, as it establishes new forms of trust between consumers and retailers throughout the entire retail supply chain including enhanced services such;

  • Consumer payments
  • Guaranteed product authenticity
  • Supply chain and inventory management
  • Digital advertising
  • Automated customer service
  • Management of loyalty points



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In Blockchain We Trust

In Blockchain We Trust

In the era of increasingly global and complex supply chains, it has never been more important to efficiently track and trace the origin of food products. Our experts reveal how the power of Blockchain has been used to improve food production, increase consumer confidence, contribute to a safe and trusted supply chain for ingredients and improve trading and connect the consumer with the producer.

Are Loyalty Programmes Ripe For Blockchain Disruption? 

Are Loyalty Programmes Ripe For Blockchain Disruption? 

Is Blockchain a loyalty disrupter or hype machine? Hear how Blockchain is the remedy to traditional loyalty challenges and what the roadblocks are
We’re About To Solve The ROI Black Hole In Digital Marketing

We’re About To Solve The ROI Black Hole In Digital Marketing

At a time when digital advertisers suffer from a lack of transparency, multiple middlemen and varying metrics, Blockchain could put trust back into the media buying process and reduce ad fraud. 

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