Business Hub

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Business Hub


Companies procuring / investing in Blockchain technology, Investment Firms, Family Offices, Funds, Investors, Startups, Blockchain users and Blockchain solution providers
Pre-qualified companies, Freezones, Legal Firms, Banks, Business set-up Advisors, Accelators / Incubators
International and local distributors, country trade bodies, Blockchain companies looking to expand operations


Connecting  investors and purchasers of Blockchain tech/companies with a global marketplace of pre-qualified companies & startups
Connecting pre-qualified Blockchain companies to relevant stakeholders (freezones, consultants, banks, law firms etc) to accelerate business set-up
we're opening up our own little black book of international and local partner (governments, corporates, startups, solution providers, etc) to help you expand into the Blockchain market or to find new distribution channels and partners


Pre-screened Face to Face meetings
Pre-screened Face to Face meetings with setup partners and walk in clinic sessions
Private pre-screened meetings and Private Briefings to a closed door audience


  • Investment into a startup
  • Purchase of blockchain solutions
  • Sales of Blockchain solutions
  • Initiation of Business Setup
  • Partnerships
  • Deals