Blockchain for Healthcare

Blockchain for Healthcare


By capitalising on the efficiencies blockchain, economists expect
$574bn in savings by 2030 in the healthcare and education sectors
(PwC), vastly improving security of identity and credentials.
The Healthcare track looks at integrating blockchain and connect
systems to achieve operational savings and better deliver and
medical care. Key areas of use include the potential of managing
health records, preventing counterfeits, and verifying the authenticity of drugs, and giving patients control of their data.


Healthcare Sessions

    • Healthcare
    Blockchain – the miracle cure?
    The global blockchain healthcare market is expected to reach $890.5 million by 2023. This growth is primarily attributed to stringent regulations for safeguarding consumer data, increasing funding and ...
    • Healthcare
    Panel: Will Blockchain modernize the pharmaceutical supply chain? Blockchain for drug development and supply chain integrity
    Counterfeit drugs cost pharmaceutical companies over USD $200 billion in annual losses. Learn how blockchain can make records more accessible thereby making drug development and tracking easier.
    • Healthcare
    Utilising Blockchain Technology to Address Healthcare Fraud and Abuse
    Blockchain is been developed as a tool for  combating healthcare fraud and abuse such as detecting falsified and substandard drugs in distribution, using a chain of custody blockchain for monitoring i ...
    • Healthcare
    Panel Discussion: Blockchain and the Future of Healthcare
    Harnessing Blockchain in the global healthcare sector by improving clinical data exchange and interoperability, claims settlement and billing management, drug supply chain management, drug discovery a ...
    • Healthcare
    EU Case Study: Blockchain and Healthcare: Assessing all the social, technical and legal aspects of the proposed EU blockchain platform to be implemented in the next two years (2020-2022)
    Hear experts share the expected benefits and challenges related to the implementation of the EU Blockchain platform for  Healthcare Sector.
    • Healthcare
    Creating A Platform to share doctor's licenses across territories
    Medical professionals no longer work in just one hospital, city or even country. Is blockchain is the solution for medical licenses to be securely and easily shared across geographies?

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