Connecting Enterprises with Founders and Fellow Investors

The Corporate Arena is a premier platform that brings together leaders and innovators from top tech companies. This exclusive environment is the ideal setting for strategic collaborations, impactful partnerships and alliances for both existing and new projects.

Who Can Participate?

Corporate Arena at Fintech Surge

Corporate Arena is open to a variety of corporations with interests in the startup ecosystem, including:

  • Corporate Venture Capital (CVC): Corporations looking to invest in startups to foster innovation and drive growth.
  • In-House Accelerator Programs: Companies seeking to recruit startups for internal accelerator programs, nurturing fresh talent and ideas.
  • Partnership Opportunities: Businesses aiming to collaborate with startups to acquire technology, run proof of concepts, or conduct product tests.
  • Investors: Venture capitalists and angel investors looking to discover and support high-potential startups.
  • Service Providers: Corporates offering products and services tailored to the needs of startups and corporations, such as legal, financial, and marketing support.

Who Attends?

Corporate Arena attracts Corporate Innovation Officers (CINOs), CTOs, CDOs, Founders, Directors of Innovation and tech professionals from the following industry ecosystem players:

  • Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVCs): Representatives from corporate venture capital arms looking to invest in high-potential startups and innovative projects.
  • Accelerators: Individuals from corporate accelerators focused on recruiting and nurturing startups to drive growth and innovation.
  • Startups: Entrepreneurs seeking to connect with corporations for partnerships, investment, or showcasing their technology and solutions.
  • Investors: Venture capitalists and angel investors seeking to discover and support startups, as well as build relationships with corporate partners
  • Government and Regulatory Representatives: Officials from government agencies interested in fostering innovation and supporting corporate and startup collaborations.
Corporate Arena at Fintech Surge

Why Participate?

  • Showcase Your Innovations: Present your projects to an international audience and gain recognition as a leading innovator.
  • Influence the Industry: Speak at our Corporate Tech Talks stage to share your expertise and shape industry trends
  • Concierge Meetings: Enjoy pre-arranged meetings with 20 startups and service providers, facilitating connections and potential partnerships.
  • Investor Forum: Gain exclusive access to our prestigious investor forum to network with potential investors and collaborators.
  • Invite-Only Networking: Participate in private networking sessions and parties, offering opportunities to connect with industry peers.

What To Expect?

Premium Meeting Space

with your brand logo, soft seating, and a meeting table for optimal networking.

Exhibition Space

Present your latest technologies, seek partnership, and meet with potential buyers and customers

Concierge Meetings

Facilitate 20 pre-arranged meetings with startups and service providers for potential collaborations.

Speaking Sessions

Position your brand as an industry thought leader through curated speaking sessions. (Topics and speakers are subject to approval by our conference team.)

Comprehensive Marketing

Maximize your brand's visibility through extensive marketing coverage across web, social media, and PR.

Host a Mentorship Program

Demonstrate your commitment to fostering talent by hosting a mentorship program at your premises

Exclusive Networking

Access private networking events and parties to build strategic relationships with industry peers.

Investor Day Invitation

Receive an invitation to connect with investors (Exclusive invite-only event)


Who Can Participate?

  • Nearly 80% of companies globally consider innovation a top priority, with 66% planning to increase spending. Additionally, 42% plan significant increases exceeding 10%.
  • Large corporations like Siemens Next47, BMW i Ventures, and Intel Capital are actively investing in startups to access innovative technologies and drive their own innovation agendas. These examples highlight the growing connection between corporate innovation and startups.
  • 67% of companies globally use open innovation practices, potentially collaborating with startups for innovation
  • Global Venture Capital funding reached $1.5 trillion in 2023 . This rapid growth, particularly in specific sectors, can indicate areas where corporations might be seeking external innovation through startups.
  • Large companies allocate, on average, 2.3% of their revenues for innovation
  • Nearly 40% of businesses say digital innovation should be a priority in order to sustain operations

Corporate Arena, where collaboration, cutting-edge technology, and visionary leadership join hands to shape the future. Register now and be part of the transformational journey that will redefine your corporate landscape.


Corporate Innovation In The UAE

  • High Investment in Innovation: The UAE government has set a target to invest 1.5% of its GDP in research and development by 2025. This is a clear indication of the region's commitment to fostering innovation.
  • Tech Startups Growth: Dubai has seen significant growth in the tech startup scene, with a focus on sectors such as fintech, healthtech, and e-commerce.
  • Smart City Initiatives: Dubai has been actively investing in smart city technologies, aiming to become the smartest city in the world through projects such as the Dubai Blockchain Strategy.

Success Stories From The UAE

  • DEWA, a leading Dubai utility provider, actively collaborates with startups to drive innovation in their sector. DEWA attracts startups with promising ideas and pilots their solutions for wider implementation. For instance, they partnered with "YAAR" to implement a smart water meter monitoring system that optimizes water usage.
  • Enel X, the advanced energy services arm of Enel Group, partnered with a UAE startup to tackle water scarcity challenges in the region. This collaboration is a prime example of how established players and startups can work together to address regional issues through innovative solutions.
  • Majid Al Futtaim & Leap Ventures: Retail giant Majid Al Futtaim partnered with venture capital firm Leap Ventures to invest in startups focusing on retail tech and innovation.
  • EFG Hermes , a leading financial institution, partnered with Flat6Labs, a regional accelerator, to support startups in the fintech space.