Eterna Hybrid Exchange

Eterna Hybrid Exchange DMCC Dubai Hall: Hall 8 Stand: H8-E07
Corporate Summary: Eterna Hybrid Exchange offers DeFi traders access to $3.5 billion in CEX liquidity, 260+ perpetual futures pairs, 300+ spot pairs, and proprietary trading tools, all without the need for KYC. Unlike other perpetual DEXs, Eterna also offers a Universal Swap, a p2p market, and proprietary trading tools found nowhere else in the market. Eterna solves a fundamental problem in the perpetual futures DEX market, which is the lack of liquidity. In terms of investor choice, Eterna is the largest perpetual futures DEX in the world. Eterna also offers a unique value proposition for its native token stakers: 50% of maker-taker fees earned by Eterna are distributed to its token stakers on a daily basis, in terms of USDT.