Islamiblockchain Technology Ltd Hall: Hall 8 Stand: H8-E14
ISLAMICOIN is an ambitious project that leverages blockchain technology to serve the global Islamic community. It's not just a cryptocurrency, but a comprehensive platform encompassing media, commerce, finance, entertainment, and charity. The project's primary objective is to establish an Islamic blockchain that promotes financial independence for individuals, businesses, and charitable organizations within the Islamic community. It also aims to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that operates in accordance with Islamic Sharia in both content and transactions. As a halal cryptocurrency, ISLAMICOIN is a crucial component in expanding this project globally. Initially launched on the Polygon network, there are plans to transition ISLAMICOIN to the iChain network once its development is complete. This move is expected to leverage the latest, most secure, and reliable blockchain technologies, further enhancing the project's potential and reach.