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iGold, a project by ISLAMICOIN, is a digital asset backed by physical gold, offering a secure and stable investment in the blockchain. Each iGold unit equals 0.1 grams of 24-carat gold, providing a transparent experience for buying, selling, or holding digital gold. It's Sharia-compliant, aligning with Islamic financial principles. iGold holders can lock their iGold in ISLAMIwallet and use the Emergency Withdraw feature in emergencies, ensuring safe retrieval of gold in case of phone loss or wallet theft. The iGold smart contract, designed on the Polygon blockchain, has been audited by Solid proof, a German smart contract auditing company, ensuring error-free and secure transactions. iGold maintains a gold reserve system, ensuring the value of iGold tokens is always backed by actual gold. Users can redeem iGold tokens for physical gold, and delivery of actual gold ounces is available in select countries.