Islamiblockchain Technology Ltd Hall: Hall 8 Stand: H8-E14
iQrad is a groundbreaking decentralized lending system built on the blockchain. It's designed to be Shariah-compliant, adhering to the ethical principles of Islamic finance. Unlike conventional lending systems, iQrad eliminates the concept of interest, which is considered forbidden in Islam. Instead, it promotes risk-sharing and mutual cooperation among participants. A standout feature of iQrad is its use of iGold as collateral. iGold, a digital asset backed by physical gold, provides a stable and secure form of collateral, ensuring the system's integrity and trustworthiness. This innovative approach allows users to leverage their iGold holdings to secure loans, providing them with financial flexibility while maintaining adherence to their faith's principles. iQrad represents a significant step forward in the integration of Islamic finance principles with advanced blockchain technology, opening up new possibilities for the global Muslim community in the digital economy.