Decentralized Technology Hall: Hall 8 Stand: H8-D15
Riverex eliminates the risk involved in asset transfer by removing the need to decide who sends assets first. This enables peers to trade crypto assets without relying on trust. Riverex is revolutionizing the DeOTC market as the first and only decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange. It has introduced a truly trustless transaction system, enabling peers to exchange crypto assets without the need for mutual trust. With unique exchange options, including token-token, token-NFT, NFT-token, and NFT-NFT, Riverex distinguishes itself in the decentralized finance landscape. Riverex provides a risk-free exchange assurance, ensuring that both peers either meet the deal requirement or retain their original assets. The platform offers extensive cross-chain support, facilitating swaps across 16 different blockchain networks, and with a wide range of over 1500 tokens available for P2P exchange, Riverex far surpasses other decentralized exchanges, solidifying its position as a leader in the DeOTC space.