Metapark Technologies and Advisors P LTD

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Metapark is an exclusive digital ecosystem, innovating users' interaction with digital assets via blockchain, crypto exchange, virtual land, &, etc.


Parkscan: Exclusive BlockExplorer for Parkchain. Enables easy transaction search, verification, and validation. Enhances blockchain transparency.  
KPK Park
KPK Park is a cryptocurrency staking platform offering diverse options. Features Level Commission, Growth Level Bonus & Staking Bonus rewards.  
A secure crypto storage equipped with DApp browser, supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, & Bitcoin. Available on Android & iOS.  
Dynamic Political metaverse with virtual land platform. It is built on the Park blockchain for digital asset ownership, trading, and development using NFTs and smart contracts.
Parkchain: PoSA blockchain with 21 validators for fast, low-fee transactions. Supports EVM for DApp development, ensuring stability and speed. Link:
Global crypto exchange with a unique algorithm prioritizing safety, stability & user satisfaction. Offers innovative solutions for investing & trading.
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    Metapark presents a comprehensive ecosystem featuring various platforms, including Parkchain, Parkscan, Koinpark, Parkwallet, Parklands, and Parktools. Each product serves a unique purpose in the worl …
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