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xWIN Finance is a DEFI wealth management platform that allow anyone to tokenize personal vault with native tokens and xWIN strategies.


xWIN Strategy Tokens
xWIN Strategy Tokens Programmable smart contract tokens, that can perform a wide range of actions, including yield farming, lending, staking and trading. They are part of our Token Universe and can be …
DeFi Robo Advisor
Robo Advisor Create your own private portfolio vault on xWIN Finance. Answer a few questions and xWIN Robo Advisor will generate a personalized investment portfolio. xWIN Robo Advisor uses a selection …
Index Vaults
Index Vaults Diversifying your token investments is simple with our Index Vaults. With a single deposit, you can get exposure to diverse tokens through our token index. Examples of such include Major …
Portfolio Vault
Portfolio Vault Permissionless smart contracts that handle portfolio management and token investment. Anyone can deposit into public portfolio vaults which are created and maintained by professional f …
Personal Start-up Packages
Personal Start-up Packages Investment into Crypto Assets   xWIN Invest Lite xWIN Invest Amateur xWIN Invest Pro ·      One to one physical tutoring   4 hours     6 hours     8 hours   ·      Ledger Na …
(BTC) Stablecoin Alpha (xSCA) This strategy ensures that the principal amount is not lost. It is an alternative strategy to just staking USDT. Therefore, all the assets in this case BTC are bought thr …
(BTC) Dollar Cost Average (xDCA) The dollar-cost average has been a trading strategy used in the stock market to allow investors to buy stocks at an average price. As the price of BTC and other assets …
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      xWIN.Finance is an advanced decentralized finance platform that revolutionizes crypto investments. With our cutting-edge robo-advisor engine, users can easily create personalized portfolios of cryptoc …
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