Global Leaders Exchange

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Global Leaders Exchange

The Global Leaders Exchange is a yearly gathering of C-level government & business officials focused on developing workable policies and regulatory frameworks to encourage implementation and acceleration of Blockchain technology globally.

The constituency of the senior focus group is shuffled yearly to ensure that it reflects market relevance. The main objective is to move global adoption forward worldwide to have a unified governing system for Blockchain.

The GLE will be the focal point for all Blockchain regulatory discussions globally and release an annual white paper shared with Governments and Businesses worldwide


Future Blockchain Summit - Global Leaders Exchange - Round Table

The closed door invite only round table discussion will focus on some of the most pressing issues preventing the advancement of Blockchain both regionally and internationally, aligning with the Dubai Blockchain Policy Workstreams due to the relevance of PwC’s involvement with the Summit.

  •  Establishing Policy for Blockchain implementation:
  • Technology platform selection & specifications Data Management
  • Network Governance & Operations
  • Blockchain laws, regulations & enforceability
  • Interoperability of public and private projects
  • Benchmarking from other countries including Australia, China, Japan, Canada, US, Switzerland, Malta, Korea
  • Positioning of Crypto-assets in a time of market turbulence:
  • Developing a framework for ICO management and implementation
  • Creating an appropriate structure for ICO and crypto regulation
  • Important to have the industry thrive / have a framework –how to manage ICOs, do due diligence, trading platforms
  • Highlighting the future of crypto assets in the region

Whitepaper Summary

There is little doubt that blockchain technology has the potential to change the nature of capitalism by bringing more trust, efficiency, transparency and accurate recording to everyday transactions.

But before this can happen, challenges must be overcome to allow proof of concept projects to progress to full implementation.

These challenges range from technical, to organisational, to regulatory – and are complex in nature.

Future Blockchain Summit - PWC Whitepaper - Global Leaders Exchange

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