Blockchain for Government

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Blockchain for Government

How Blockchain is being used in government

Government organizations are using blockchain to build trust through open, transparent and collaborative networks

Pilot projects and POCs are under rapid development to enhance services like:

  • Identity verification
  • Government record keeping
  • Citizen management services
  • Voting and Taxation

At the Future Blockchain Summit you’ll get unrivaled access to speakers who are implementing the best-in-class projects which are revolutionizing government services.


Future Blockchain Summit-Dr Aisha-Government-Conference

About the Government conference track

Future Blockchain Summit - Government Conference Track

Government Speakers 2019

Government Use-Cases at the show

The Catalonia Story 


Future Blockchain Story - Government Track - Catalonia Story

Catalonia is one of the world’s first countries committed to implementing Blockchain across its public administration providing mobile and broadband access to its citizens by 2020.

At the Future Blockchain Summit Government Track you can hear Catalonia's Minister of Digital, Jordi Puignero, tell us how he's reimagining public services with Blockchain.

Activating Blockchain


Future Blockchain Summit - Government Track - Dubai Skyline

Dubai has become a hub for Blockchain adoption and implementation but what are the next steps in legislating this new technology in the UAE?

At the Future Blockchain Summit Government Track you can hear from Smart Dubai's Zeina El Kaissi on the next steps in activating a citywide Blockchain strategy


The Blockchain Town


Future Blockchain Summit - Palo Alto - Conference Government Stream

The city you live in is undergoing a vast Blockchain transformation but what does this actually mean to forward facing public services?

At the Future Blockchain Summit Government Track learn how Jonathan Reichental, the CIO of USA's Palo Alto, is building his own Blockchain town.

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