Blockchain for Healthcare

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Blockchain for Healthcare

How Blockchain can transform the Healthcare sector?

Global Blockchain Technology In healthcare market Will Reach USD 1415.59 Million By 2024: Global Blockchain technology in healthcare market was valued at approximately USD 34.47 million in 2017 and is expected to generate revenue of around USD 1415.59 million by end of 2024.

How healthcare companies are using blockchain:

  • Storage and access to electronic health records
  • Integrity and security of patient controlled records
  • R&D data and supply chains
  • Drug authenticity and prescription regulation
  • Insurance

At the Future Blockchain Summit you’ll get access to the speakers who are implementing real use-cases.


Future Blockchain Summit - Healthcare Conference Track

About the Healthcare conference track

Future Blockchain Summit - Healthcare Conference Track 2

Healthcare Speakers 2019

Healthcare Use-Cases at the show

Blockchain babies


Future Blockchain Summit - Healthcare Track - Baby on Blockchain

Find out what it means to be the first baby and mother who have be recorded on the Blockchain and the wider implications it has for identity and tracking in healthcare.

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Singapore's Vitana


Future Blockchain Summit - Healthcare Track - Singapore

Tech super-hub Singapore recently launched Vitana which is an automated insurance system which protects mothers-to-be against gestational diabetes. 

At the Future Blockchain Summit Healthcare Track you can hear from MetLife's Zia Zaman on Singapore's solution for mum's to be.


Estonia sets the pace


Future Blockchain Summit - Estonia - Healthcare Track

Estonia has successfully migrated 1.3m citizen records on to the Blockchain, creating a highly secure national medical record. How can other nations follow their example?  

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