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"I attend this event every year.  From theoretical use cases to real life opportunities, businesses are beginning to see value in a Blockchain future."  

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HUPAYX is a banking level payment solution provider that aims at making traditional payment methods obsolete. We bring never before real-life application of blockchain powered payments to both users and merchants and enable them to pay and accept payments in their desired currencies. From local businesses seeking to reduce transaction based fees imposed by traditional payment infrastructure, to everyday shoppers that overpay in every step of the way. Not only we provide free POS systems that can be downloaded to merchant smartphone for free, we also charge only 0.5% per transaction if they accept payment in our points (prepaid e-money) and incentivize users via rewards and exclusive discounts inside of our payment ecosystem. We also solved Blockchain Scalability, Decentralization and Security related issues. And thanks to our Hybrid Blockchain technology we removed the possibilities for fraudulent charges and charge-backs. All in all, we removed unnecessary middleman and reduced the fees adding extra banking level security.
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