07 May 2019

Dubai Pilots Blockchain Data Storage With Outlier Ventures

Dante Disparte
Smart Dubai, an ambitious technology-powered transformation project that aims to put a smile on the faces of the residents of the city-state, is now making a big bet on the world’s first open, decentralized data architecture. In partnership with  Outlier Ventures, a web 3.0 investment platform with pioneering technology companies leveraging blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and a novel vision of  convergence , aims to unlock and democratize value from data. The move, which will see the launch of a Dubai Decentralized Data sandbox, will enable innovators to work in a rapid prototyping environment to uncover new ways of organizing, interfacing and extracting insights, value and smiles from  Dubai’s data lake. A  new report published by Outlier Ventures and Smart Dubai highlights these attributes of smart cities.  Read full story here
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