OMANEE is a multinational corporation based in Singapore and Dubai, specializing in Finance and Investment. In particular, the OMA+ platform (OMA PLUS) plays a key role in all OMANEE financial activities. This platform opens up many investments and cooperation opportunities between OMANEE and its partners; especially companies and startups. The two main companies of OMANEE are OMA CAPITAL and OMA INVESTMENT.

Asia is a dynamic and appealing area for both Asian and non-Asian investors. The potential for incredible growth attracts many enterprises to invest in this region. This in turn raises the demand for money exchanges and banking services. Omanee is well equipped for business dealings to merge or trade with firms of technology, markets and services in its quest to globalize Asia in 2021.

In its strategy, Omanee will expand its technology projects, to create breakthroughs in changing people's method of payment and trading so that such exchanges will be cashless ones; these new movements will, in turn, boost Omanee's competitiveness, and propelling Omanee in its quest to globalize and conquer the Asian market, and ultimately the global one.