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Future Blockchain Summit 2023
Anita Kalergis

Anita Kalergis

PR & Communications Manager, Xprizo

Meet Anita, an accomplished professional in business development and market expansion, boasting nearly two decades of experience across Europe and the Middle East. Her exceptional proficiency in multiple languages has enabled her to establish an unparalleled reputation in cultivating extensive professional networks and unlocking new market opportunities for businesses. As a creative and forward-thinking Sales Executive, Anita is renowned for tackling intricate sales challenges with finesse, devising well-defined strategies that drive remarkable revenue growth. Over the past five years, Anita has been leaving her mark in the blockchain and crypto realm, with a particular focus on DeFi. She has earned a prestigious position in the European Blockchain and Fintech Community, utilizing her unique skills in business development and network establishment. Known for her positive demeanor, quick adaptability, and results-driven approach, Anita brings an invigorating presence to her team, fostering engagement and team cohesion.

Anita's passion for nurturing investor and company relations, as well as her knack for problem-solving, dates to 1984. Since 2017, she has been serving as an ambassador for both the Helsinki Blockchain Centre and the Dubai Blockchain Center, and globally represents the AIBC Summit. Notably, she also holds the role of. Granny Ambassador for the esteemed digital artist VESA and serves as a Strategic Advisor to the Web3 Music Visionary, QVANTVM.