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Future Blockchain Summit 2023
Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce

Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation

Brock Pierce, 2020 Presidential Candidate and OG of everything crypto: co-founder of Tether and the man behind EOS Token, Blockchain Capital, the first ICO (Mastercoin), and the first crypto fund Block.One that sold over $4bn tokens in the EOS crowd sale. Blockchain Capital was founded in 2013 and is the first sector-focused venture fund that invests solely in Blockchain technology companies. Pierce led the firm through the first ICO of a venture fund, which created the first security token, BCAP. Blockchain Capital has made more than 100 investments in the sector across its four funds. The firm was named the most active FinTech Venture Fund by Pitchbook. Tether, the first stable coin and asset-backed token, is the most traded cryptocurrency by volume. Brock has always been ahead of the curve. A former child actor, originally from Minnesota, Pierce now officially resides in Puerto Rico. According to a Forbes profile in 2018, Brock Pierce discovered crypto via entertainment as he cofounded a precursor to YouTube, at 17, called Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), which raised $88 million during the dot-com bubble. In the 2000s Pierce, an avid gamer, built one of the largest virtual-asset trading companies, Internet Gaming Entertainment (IGE), which employed thousands of people in China to play videogames, like World of Warcraft, in order to win coveted virtual prizes--which he then sold to millions of videogamers globally for real money. Video game currency arbitrage led him to crypto in its earliest days.