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Crypto Birb

Crypto Birb

Market Analyst, Twitter Personality, Founder & CEO, The Birb Nest

Crypto Birb is the social media name and brand created by Adrian Zdu?czyk, as per his LinkedIn profile. Of Polish descent, Zdu?czyk is prominently known in the crypto space as CryptoBirb, or simply Birb.'Zdu?czyk has a master's degree in engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology. He is the founder of The Birb Nest, a trading education platform that provides an array of content and communication from analysts on multiple markets, including crypto and commodities. Essentially, the platform helps customers with individual trades and situations, but also helps them learn on a broader scale via a number of avenues. Zdu?czyk founded The Birb Nest in 2017. The Crypto Birb Twitter account, manned by Zdu?czyk, boasts more than 600,000 followers.'The Birb Nest'YouTube channel, with videos that seem to be managed and hosted by various members of The Birb Nest team, also has a notable ' but significantly smaller ' following.'The Birb Nest'YouTube channel often features Zdu?czyk and other members of The Birb Nest team. Zdu?czyk has also appeared in other interviews outside of the channel as well.