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Future Blockchain Summit 2023
Dmitry Fedotov

Dmitry Fedotov

Head of DLT Foundations Oversight, ADGM

Dmitry Fedotov serves as the Head of DLT Foundations Oversight at ADGM, where he leads the world's first DLT Foundations Regime. A recognized expert in virtual assets, crypto, Web 3.0, and AI, Dmitry has been involved with Blockchain and Virtual Assets since 2013. Before joining ADGM, he was part of the team at VARA Dubai.

Before his role in the UAE Government, Dmitry's expertise extended across various domains, from Fortune 500 boardrooms to startup incubators. His passion and acumen have transformed ideas into cash-positive businesses and elevated unknown brands to top market recognition. An active member of the Bitcoin Association and a global influencer, Dmitry's influence is felt across the globe.