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Future Blockchain Summit 2023
Dr.Jane Thomason

Dr.Jane Thomason

Inaugural Chair, World Metaverse Council

Dr. Jane Thomason is a globally recognized thought leader and influencer in the areas of Web3, Metaverse, HealthTech, and Tech for Sustainability. Dr. Jane holds distinguished roles on the editorial boards of "The Journal of Metaverse" and "Frontiers in Blockchain," and as an Industry Associate at University College London's Centre for Blockchain, she actively contributes to the academic and research community.  Dr. Jane is the  author of  "Blockchain for Global Social Change," "Applied Ethics in a Digital World," and "Advancements in the New World of Web 3: A Look Toward the Decentralized Future." Dr. Jane has been named one of the "8 Metaverse experts to follow," featured as one of the "top 100 women in Web 3 and Metaverse," and acknowledged as one of the "Top 25 Women in Fintech and Blockchain, MENA." CNN highlighted her expertise in their series on the Metaverse, "Decoding the Secrets of the Metaverse." Recently, she was honored as the "Web 3 Leader of the Year" in recognition of her exceptional leadership and influence.