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Future Blockchain Summit 2023
Marwane Lairi

Marwane Lairi

Co-founder & CEO, Avicenne Studio

Marwane is the co-founder of Avicenne, a web3 development studio. He started mentoring tech startups in 2020 and providing advice on business strategy and product creation. Later the same year, he focused on blockchain technology and helping entrepreneurs and companies build scalable web3 products.'Avicenne is providing services in Europe, the US, and the middle east and aims to bring rigor and deep tech expertise to a young ecosystem. With high-quality standards, the studio operates with the leanest and most effective teams possible.'This appeal for quality brought Avicenne's team and Marwane to work on ambitious projects, and in 2023 he started mentoring startups incubated at Outlier Ventures.