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Future Blockchain Summit 2023
Mel Gelderman

Mel Gelderman

CEO & Founder,

Mel Gelderman is a Dutch entrepreneur, investor, and crypto believer. He is the CEO and founder of', a groundbreaking crypto app that inspires people to think differently about token investing. Through, he is dedicated to creating a 'snackable' experience that allows people to invest in the projects that matter to them with minimal time, mental energy, and capital. Mel was an early crypto adopter, seeing the potential in Bitcoin and Ethereum years before they gained traction. In 2016, he and his partner David Hoggard launched Monolith, the world's first Ethereum wallet linked to a Visa debit card. This pioneering project captured the attention of the crypto community by offering them a way to spend tokens in the real world. Mel's passion for cecentralised finance and blockchain technology has driven him to create an Algae'biofuel company serving the Asia-Pacific market, creating one of the first use cases for Ethereum in'the geothermal power sector. He has been featured in a number of leading publications, including'Business Insider and Forbes.