Shriraj Karande

Shriraj Karande

CEO, Ira Blocks

Shriraj Karande is a visionary CEO at Ira Blocks, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the investment landscape in luxury assets while democratizing access to high-value opportunities through blockchain technology. With a strategic mindset and a knack for problem-solving, Shriraj is a passionate advocate for bringing innovative ideas to fruition. His expertise extends to the metaverse and its practical applications, where he assists individuals and businesses in unlocking their full potential.

Notably, Shriraj is also an accomplished digital marketing trainer with a specialization in Neurological Marketing. This unique skill set allows him to provide clients with invaluable insights, enabling them to stand out in today's competitive market. Moreover, Shriraj boasts a profound understanding of the startup ecosystem and end-to-end business management, making him a trusted guide for entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of building and scaling their ventures.

Shriraj's dedication to innovation, coupled with his diverse skill set, positions him as a dynamic leader in the fields of blockchain technology, luxury asset investment, and strategic marketing.