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Future Blockchain Summit 2023
Vladimir Gorbunov

Vladimir Gorbunov

Founder & CEO,
Vladimir Gorbunov is a professional entrepreneur with long-standing experience in establishing and developing fintech projects. He is an accomplished strategy manager and startup builder. Gorbunov began his career path in the 2000s, working as a consultant for investment companies. He quickly came to understand the value of using innovative technological solutions to make life simpler in terms of personal finance and income opportunities. Over the course of his career Vladimir went from developing IT solutions for improving transport logistics, to the payments sector, and from there to the crypto industry. When the crypto market came into focus, he actively involved himself with its development. For the past 5 years Gorbunov has been developing projects from the ground up with the goal of making crypto assets more comprehensive and accessible to everyone. The total capitalization of Vladimir's projects in the field of cryptocurrency exceeded $1 billion at the beginning of 2022. As a professional businessman, Vladimir is interested in developing new, never-before seen solutions that would benefit society and improve the quality of everyday life. His credo is to create 'something that doesn't exist yet, but you feel that it should'. This ideology is what spurred Vladimir's interest in the crypto industry. In it he saw the potential to revolutionize the global financial market. In 2017, he founded Crypterium ' a crypto wallet that gradually evolved in a full-scale CeFi ecosystem for digital assets with the number of users reaching 700 000 today. In 2021, Crypterium was followed by ' a new stage in the company's evolution, which combines the advantages of CeFi and DeFi services within one marketplace. The purpose of is to bring together the best-in-class financial services and offer its clients more opportunities to earn on their cryptocurrencies. As the CEO of, Mr. Gorbunov is responsible for managing the company's development, building operational processes, and achieving short-term and long-term goals in accordance with the established mission.