Surveys & Whitepapers

Surveys & Whitepapers

White papers are a great way to get educated on the latest in Blockchain research and analysis & surveys are a great way to consolidate the interests and concerns of the Blockchain community. Stay tuned as we bring you weekly updates of the latest industry resources, white papers & surveys to keep informed about the current Blockchain ecosystem and market trends.

Industry Whitepapers & Reports

Dubai Blockchain Policy - Smart Dubai, 2019: Read Now

Deloitte's 2020 Global Blockchain Survey -  Deloitte, 2020:  Read Now

Blockchain & Cyber Security - Deloitte, 2017: Read Now

Exploring Blockchain Technology for Government Transparency - WEF, 2020: Read Now

Blockchain: Powering the Internet of Value - Evry Financial Services, 2020: Read Now

Blockchain interoperability explained - itransition, 2019: Read Now

Establishing Blockchain Policy  - Pwc, 2019: Read Now

Data protection within new technologies: blockchain - Pwc, 2019: Read Now

Analysis of Data Management in Blockchain-based Systems - IEE Access, 2019: Read Now

Cryptocurrency redefining the Future of Finance - Visual Capitalist, 2020: Read Now


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