Discover our 2019 storyline

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Discover our 2019 storyline

Brace yourself for 100+ hours of thought-provoking discussions, idea swaps, case studies and moments of epiphanies across 11 industry verticals. 

3rd Edition of The Smart Dubai Blockchain Challenge

Unleash your winning innovation! Join the government-hosted pitch challenge to win cash prizes and business incubation in Dubai. Last year, 200 startups from 44 countries went head-to-head, while 3 winners scooped the ultimate honours.

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Launchpad: POC & Pilot Projects

Unveil your projects in Launchpad sessions, with high-profile investors and international media as your audience. Last year, the Summit witnessed the launch of MOBI, an open source platform led by a collaboration between automobile giants like BMW, Ford, GM and tech titans like IBM and Accenture.

Blockchain For Good

Serving higher purpose is on the agenda. Whether it's improved healthcare, paperless cities or powering future education, our conferences dive deep into making the world better with blockchain

The United Nations ‘Sprint To Sustainability’

Blockchain’s on a mission to make the world better. Join innovators, entrepreneurs and like-minded tech heads for breakthrough dialogues tailored to a series of global challenges.