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Smart Dubai Office Blockchain Challenge

If you’re a startup using blockchain technology to transform an industry, now is your chance to compete in the Smart Dubai Office Blockchain Challenge!

Take your company to Dubai to meet world-leading investors, network with VIPs, connect with customers and ultimately win a prize at the Future Blockchain Summit at DWTC.

What is the Smart Dubai Office Blockchain Challenge?

Dubai launched a city-wide Blockchain Strategy in October 2016 with the aim of becoming the first blockchain-powered city by 2020. Smart Dubai Office (SDO) and Union are looking for game-changing applications of blockchain technology in any industry. Blockchain has the potential to improve people’s lives, and Dubai is posed to be a leader in moving such applications forward.

The Dubai Blockchain strategy is based on three pillars

  • Government Efficiency: Implementing blockchain technology in government services
  • Industry Creation: Supporting the creation of a blockchain industry through empowering startups and businesses
  • Thought Leadership: Leading the global thinking on blockchain technology

The Smart Dubai Office Blockchain Challenge supports the second pillar, Industry Creation, and aims to discover the most innovative blockchain startup ideas from around the world, and bring them to pitch at the Future Blockchain Summit at DWTC.


Who’s it for?

Who’s it for?

Government or regulator | investor | research institute | banking, finance, insurance | legal firm | startups | tech corporation | consultancy | the creative economy

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