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Future Blockchain Summit 2023

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Hear it from the Industry Leaders

  • Future Blockchain Summit has been a great experience to showcase what Binance is. It's a global company, however our focus has been on regulation and it's been interesting to speak to clients and individuals and share what we're trying to do here and how we're planning to grow in the region.
    Alex Chehade
    General Manager, Binance MENA
  • Future Blockchain Summit has been incredible. The audience is great and the value we got is amazing
    Gaurav Dubey
    CEO, TDefi
  • We had a great experience at Future Blockchain Summit. We're interviewing and rubbing elbows with leaders in the cryptocurrency space. I can't wait to come to back to Dubai and I would definitely come back to this conference.
    Austin Arnold
    Host, Altcoin Daily
  • Future Blockchain Summit is really cool because it merges the LinkedIn community and the Twitter community into one.
    Alex Pupishev
    Founder, GTON Capital
  • We are participating as a pavillion at Future Blockchain Summit. The demand has been very high at our stand, we've received a lot of interest, and we are very happy with the show.
    Belal Jassoma
    Head of Business Development, DMCC
  • We think Dubai is on the right track of prosperity and supporting the blockchain ecosystem. OKX as a major exchange appreciates the opportunity and we love it here.
    Lennix Lai
    Managing Director, OKX
  • It was an exciting and passionate experience that opened up numerous opportunities and collaborations for us. The event was well-organized, and it infused positivity throughout our team. It also garnered extensive media coverage.
    Antonio Vietri
    Founder & CEO, AVITA