Blockchain 101

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Blockchain 101

03 Apr 2019
Content Lab, Hall 6
Section 1 - What is Blockchain?
We'll start off by talking about what blockchain is in simple terms.

Section 2 - The History of Blockchain
How did we get to this point? We'll talk about some of the major platforms and their timelines as well as some of the developments that lead up to modern blockchain and DLT technologies.

Section 3 - How does blockchain work?
Now that the audience knows what blockchain is, we'll switch focus and talk about how blockchain actually works. We'll explore critical blockchain concepts such as group consensus, mining, validation, immutability, and more.

Section 4 - What are the business values of blockchain? (public vs private blockchain / blockchain for public use vs enterprise use)
We'll start by answering the two questions everyone will undoubtedly be having at this point - who's using this technology, and what benefit are they getting from it? We'll review some real-world implementations and talk about the differences in approach on public consumer-facing platforms vs. private enterprise-focused platforms.

Section 5 - Where to go from here?
In this section we'll talk a bit about where the market is going, what the near-future might look like, how to learn more, and how you can get hands-on with the technology. We can also run through a Proof-of-Concept project template which will show audience members our recommended approach for use case analysis and rapid prototyping of blockchain solutions within an enterprise.

Section 6 - Q & A / Open Discussion
In this informal session we'll answer any audience member questions and open the floor up for anything blockchain or emerging-tech related.
Kris Bennett, Chief Learning Officer - Blockchain Training Alliance