Exhibitor Brands

Riftstorm is a multiplayer co-op top-down action looter shooter set in a world where you control the elite secret agents of the Mythic Protocol. Hunt down supernatural creatures, combat threats from b …
Solar Punk
We create uncensored and secure ecosystem of custom-made and scalable solutions on decentralised storage infrastructures.
NOAHSWAP– is the World's First Non-Performing Crypto Synthetic Assets Platform, aiding investors in minimizing crypto losses. As a global digital lifeline, it provides an opportunity for those impacte …
EmotiCoin is not just another token; it's a movement that brings emotion to the crypto world. As the first MemeCoin with a global presence, we're setting new standards in the crypto community. Our uni …
Aquacity is a groundbreaking Metaverse with a unique aquatic theme that provides an entertaining and profitable platform for users to engage in innovative, exciting and multifaceted activities, offeri …
Drezzo is a digital fashion platform bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3.
GREENGOLD is an innovative simulation blockchain game that embraces the GameFi 2.0 revolution, created by ZEETOX.
City of Dreams
CITY OF DREAMS Multiverse is a visionary interdimensional city, ingeniously intertwining an array of diverse immersive worlds. With seamless precision, it harmonizes the virtual realm with our physica …
Our vision at Exolo is to bring the power of cryptocurrencies into everyday life. We believe that crypto is the future of finance and that everyone should have access to its benefits.
BlockChain Solutions
Cryptorefills allows users globally to top up mobile credit and buy gift cards from the world's top retailers and brands paying with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Eterna Hybrid Exchange
Corporate Summary: Eterna Hybrid Exchange offers DeFi traders access to $3.5 billion in CEX liquidity, 260+ perpetual futures pairs, 300+ spot pairs, and proprietary trading tools, all without the nee …
Deepcoin - The world's most innovative Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform.
FMCPAY Exchange, is a cryptocurrency and electronic stock exchange – owned by FUINRE corporation and registered for a financial business license in the US. We build scalable, secure blockchain enabled …
Metapark presents a comprehensive ecosystem featuring various platforms, including Parkchain, Parkscan, Koinpark, Parkwallet, Parklands, and Parktools. Each product serves a unique purpose in the worl …
The First Choice For the Initial Launch
We are a one-stop solution for all the corporate compliance and IP requirements across globe.
Yallachain is a leading accelerator and incubator based out of UAE for Web 3 and Blockchain companies.
A Global Challenge Arena for Talent: Unleash the World's Talent
xWIN.Finance is an advanced decentralized finance platform that revolutionizes crypto investments. With our cutting-edge robo-advisor engine, users can easily create personalized portfolios of cryptoc …
Sociallocket is a centralised platform designed to streamline the acquisition of Real Estate Assets. The platform utilises artificial intelligence, blockchain, distributed systems and in-built apps to …
WORKSHOP: Owning Your Digital Self: The Transformational Power of Self-Sovereign Identity Discover How to Unlock Your Potential in the Digital Age Web3 Identity & AI: Shaping the Future of Professiona …
Empeiria - Unlocking human potential in the digital age
Join Empeiria workshops WORKSHOP: Owning Your Digital Self: The Transformational Power of Self-Sovereign Identity Discover How to Unlock Your Potential in the Digital Age Web3 Identity & AI: Shaping t …
Tokenize Your Real-World Assets with Our Blockchain Platform.
AI Email Writing
AI Email Writing app transforms professional email composition using AI-generated templates. Send flawless emails with the ideal tone, language, formatting, and emojis for anyone. Our application boas …
Tokens, simplified. The easy way to discover, buy and sell the tokens you care about.
We empower enterprises, startup & developers that focus on Blockchain & Web3, to build, deploy, and manage innovative solutions with minimal efforts, cost, and risk.
Presence is a decentralised multimedia platform designed to place the organically elected online leaders of today in their rightful place as the pioneers of tomorrow where their legacy can continue th …
TerraUnity is a Metaverse & GIS Technology company. Our products are a set of tools for automation in simulating and visualizing GIS data acquired from ESRI, NASA and other geospatial mapping provider …
A-NEX KOREA is a thriving tech-intensive group based in South Korea. The company is expanding its market share into global stages from the heart of Dubai.
HPO Token, your gateway to a new era of financial freedom and innovation: HPO Token is the utility native token of the Hippo Wallet, fueling the services and products accessible within the Wallet. It’ …
ZORIX is a crypto exchange providing a compliant, transparent, and user-friendly trading, investment, and storage experience. Our multi-layered security measures are comparable to banks, and we priori …
Located in Dallas, TIGERFLOW has been designing and manufacturing pumpingequipment for more than 35 years. Known for the ability to provide the greatestquality products with passion for customer servi …
Crypto Abacus
PCB to store crypto recovery seed phrase.
ISLAMICOIN is an ambitious project that leverages blockchain technology to serve the global Islamic community. It's not just a cryptocurrency, but a comprehensive platform encompassing media, commerce …
iChain is a decentralized blockchain platform that aims to provide a secure and compliant environment for Islamic financial transactions. The platform is based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine Technolo …
The future of fashion for cpyto and fashion side
The World's Most Powerful Crypto Trading Platform
Empeiria is the web3 platform that unlocks the untapped potential of individuals with credible digital identity, empowering them to verify, refine & monetize their insights & expertise. Empeiria is po …
Introducing WELLE, the utility token powering Riverex, a game-changing decentralized peer-to-peer exchange. WELLE is more than a digital currency - it's an integral component of the Riverex ecosystem, …
NiktoNet™ is the 3rd generation “Layer-1 Blockchain Mainnet” with fast processing speed of less than 2 seconds, low transaction cost, and high performance.
Pollberry™ not only guarantees anonymity, which is the basic principle of voting, and prevents duplicate voting, but also guarantees transparency, speed, and accuracy of the ballot counting process. P …
KLAATOO™ is a multi-chain wallet that can store, receive, and transmit various digital assets issued in different blockchains in the wallet.
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